Monday, April 22, 2019
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Tips Using Bible Discovery

Are you reading what I am reading? Who is reading what I am reading?

  • Study Bible alone or with brothers and sisters.
  • See what others are reading.
  • Share your understanding and actions or ask questions.
  • Get to know more brothers and sisters from around the world who are studying the same verses.
  • Check out sermons and blogs related to the verses you are reading.
  • Compare translations of Bible.

"My Commentary" is for you to write down (and share, if you want to) your understandings, observations and/or questions of verses.

"My Action Item" is for recording how you are going to apply the teaching from Bible to your daily life, something like "I will approach Mary and say hi to her even though she hurt my feeling yesterday."

"Selected Verses" are verses selected from the "Search Results" area that you want to write your commentaries.

To select a verse click on the verse in the "Search Results" area. Selected verses will be labeled yellow and be added to the "Selected Verses" area.

If your uPotia account is linked to your social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ you may post (share) your observations onto these networks so that more of your friends can see your writings. You just need to post once. uPotia will automatically push your writing to your social networks for you according to your choice.

By default commentaries are shared (public) among networks while Action Items are private and not shared. To change the sharing settings click the icons ( ) of the social networks. A gray icon means your writing will not be posted to that network.

Legends used in this module:

Add a verse to your "Verse Collection".
Collapse the search area. Expand the search area.
Go back to last search. Proceed to next search.
Setup Bible translation. Expand the search area.
Share (or not share) your writing to social networks.
Private: Keep your writing to yourself.
Network: Share your writing with your brothers and sisters in uPotia.
Public: Keep your writing public and everybody can see it on the Internet.
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Do you know you can connect your uPotia account to your social networks like LinkedIn (), Facebook (), Twitter () and Google+ ().

After the connecting you can use uPotia to:
Post messages from uPotia to these social networks. You just need to write once and post to multiple accounts. And
Import friends and followers from these social networks.

This is a great way to save time and grow your circle.

To connect your social networks please click Person Profile | Others | Social Networks.